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Lamont Daigle

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Beach Area)
Contact: 647-809-6998
Distributor: Yes
Willing to share Kangen Water for trial: Yes
Profession: Owner of Kangen Water Toronto (8 years), Founder of Mentra World Service Corporation
Sports/Hobbies: Dancing, Extreme Sports, Skateboarding, Cooking
Why Kangen?: After drinking the water I decided it was different than anything I’d ever had. With all the proponents in regards to Ionized water and the status in Japanese Hospitals, I had to get my own device. Kangen Water was the best. Besides, Wade Lightheart told me I needed it and I agreed! Want more of a testimonial? Call me!
Recent History: LAMONT DAIGLE, a French Acadian from NB, Canada, has lived in Toronto, Ontario for 20 years and is a Proud Father of 13 years to his daughter, Madison. He is Founder of Mentra World Service Corporation & Kangen Water Toronto, Member of The Wealthy Backpacker, Brand Ambassador to BiOptimizers, Member of Man Kind Project International advocate to Boys To Men Canada. Lamont’s work revolves passionately & tirelessly around the Empowerment of Good Men in the World. Lamont is also a student of Dr. David R. Hawkins, a Writer, Dancer, a Culinary Artist, a Fashion Dandy, Skateboarder, & Extreme Athlete.

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